What does Google want from you?

Every year, the internet continues to grow, and the number of sites increases exponentially. Therefore, Google pays great attention to its algorithms that help users find the necessary information from the search engine. So, what does Google really want from site owners?

Google has repeatedly stated that it develops its algorithms in such a way that they can evaluate the site through the eyes of the visitor. This means that the site should be user-friendly, provide reliable information that matches its intent, and not contain technical errors or violate search engine rules.

How to prepare your site for this?

Firstly, you should consult an experienced SEO specialist who stays up-to-date on algorithm changes and understands what Google wants from a site.

Secondly, the SEO specialist will draw up and start implementing a plan based on three components:

  • technical SEO,
  • OnPage SEO and
  • OffPage SEO.

Only by complying with all the conditions for these three components, will Google put your site into its intricate system and provide you with free organic traffic. It’s important to remember that this process can be lengthy, especially for new domains.