Seo doesn’t work

This is a common misconception spread by those who have not worked with professional SEO specialists or studied the topic themselves. However, this myth can be easily refuted. Firstly, Google officially states that SEO is crucial for websites. Secondly, if you compare two sites with the same subject, one optimized by an SEO specialist and the other not, the optimized site will show significantly better results.

SEO is a scam

While this myth has some basis, it is not entirely accurate. Many online business owners have had bad experiences with incompetent or dishonest SEO specialists. However, reputable SEO agencies with extensive experience can greatly improve website performance.

SEO is unnecessary

This myth is often perpetuated by people who believe that advertising on social media platforms is sufficient for website promotion. However, organic traffic from Google is much higher and will be free after optimization.

Links don’t work

This myth is based on a misunderstanding of the situation. Low-quality links from dubious sources can harm your website’s rating, but high-quality links can greatly improve it.

Organic traffic can be raised in a month

This myth is perpetuated by SEO scammers who promise quick results. In reality, SEO promotion is a lengthy process that builds a solid foundation for future success. It takes at least 6 months to see any results and at least a year to reach peak performance.

New sites get organic traffic as well as old ones

This myth was partly spread by Google itself. Disputes between SEO specialists continue to this day, but from our unique experience, we can say that new sites have been extremely difficult to promote lately. Google does not want to give you any advantage over the old sites and keeps you in the so-called sandbox.

Seo is expensive

While SEO can be costly, it is a worthwhile investment for online businesses. The costs can be calculated against the benefits of having dozens or hundreds of extra customers. As long as the budget is not exceeded, SEO can be a relatively inexpensive way to improve a website’s performance.