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Easy to start and easy to pay!

Perfect for small projects and businesses. You just give us your site URL and required credits and we start working immediately. The Light optimization will definitely help if the competition in your niche isn't big and you don't have any special requirements. Just give me more traffic!

Basic Strategy

We will use only up-to-date methods based on Google 2022 requirements. This strategy is simple, but effective and absolutely white.

Keyword Targeting

Up to 100 unique keywords. We will pick the most relevant and profitable keys for your business. Then we will focus on them.

Basic Optimization

Onpage optimization: content and metadata; Offpage optimization: natural links. All following basic SEO strategy.


We will check carefully your website, find and fix all technical errors that don’t require development resource. All others will be explained.

Technical advice

We are ready to discuss the best SEO technical options for your business and give you recommendations if you are interested.

Easy SEO

The process is organized in a smart, easy-to-understand, and effective way. You won’t be messed up with useless graphics and reports.

Customer Satisfaction
Achieve Goals
Keywords in TOP
Resolved Problems

Our Pricing Plans

Choose from our most affordable pricing plans
$400 /month
All errors will be fixed
Basic SEO goals
Basic 2022 SEO Strategy
Up to 100 Keywords
$800 /month
All errors will be fixed
Your personal business goals
Best 2022 SEO Strategy
Up to 2000 Keywords
Flexible plans with detailed explanations
$1500 /month
All errors will be fixed
Your personal business goals
Individual SEO Strategy by Head of SEO
Unlimited № of Keywords
Personal communication every week
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